Monday, 7 January 2013

Spirit of Motorcycle Book Launch


  1. Hello again Danny,

    Great to meet you at the Benalla book launch. Thanks for the photos and hope to keep in touch as you travel around,

    Cheers Les

  2. By Roman Kaminski (the guy with one leg 'Triumph'):- Was at Benalla Book launch great to met all 1st time I bought a book in 57 years, did my apprenticeship at Renold Chain Benalla, Great job on book great photos of 60 years ago, just love looking back at the old photo's and the read. Well done Danny for sharing photos and their memories in a book.

    Cheers and all the best on the revisit!
    Roman Kaminski

  3. Hello Danny and Craig,
    Was great to meet you at the Benalla Book Launch. Myself and my late husband Peter Devery were former employees of Renolds Benalla.Really loved your book, Wishing you safe riding, enjoy your trip. Will be following your progress with interest.

    Cheers Catharine